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Custom Application Development

Product Engineering & Development

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Re-engineering, Porting and Migration

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Custom Application Development

RCKR develops exclusive solutions to help our customers succeed in the digital economy. RCKR's application services team conceptualizes, designs, builds and maintains custom applications that can run on any device and in any environment including on premise, cloud or hybrid environments.

We strive for the following success factors:

  • Speed
  • Flexibility
  • Design Drive Development
  • Concept to Code Service Model
  • Technology Expertise
  • Governance
  • Quality
  • Customer-focused Delivery

Product Engineering and Development

With the ever-changing technological trends, your organization may need the latest software to meet the increasing requirements. There can be various reasons to choose software product development such as:

  • Obsolete system not providing good business value relative to the cost of maintenance
  • Conversion of the business vision into a practical solution
  • Need for ongoing support for your changing business process
  • Too expensive to maintain
  • Frequent system failure experiences

Whatever the case, it is wise to choose software product development using powerful technologies such as .NET, Java, PHP and more for your business.

A successful product development needs fundamentally improved approaches to organizing the development process, decreasing waste of resources, and delivering products to meet customer needs to compete effectively on a global level. For this, you need an experienced software development partner, as poor implementation could be a deterrent to your final plan.

At RCKR, we have a robust end-to-end software development lifecycle management for developing software products. Our Software development life-cycle comprises of various phases that any software goes through on its way to release. Every software has its own unique challenges, risks, business drivers and so on; but the main phases are mostly common to everyone, and contain:

Phase #1: Proof of Concept (POC)
A proof of concept is generally made in the early development cycle of software as a clear illustration of the high level concept. It will validate the technical feasibility, identify possible expectations from the platform, expose potential stumbling blocks and determine the scope and need for customization to complete a project. The entire design of the software will be explained thoroughly in the POC documentation.
Phase #2: Architecture Design
In this phase, the architecture designers will convert the product concept into a blueprint for development, which will further become a product design for creating a robust working software. You will be provided with an ideal architecture based on the project requirements. The complete process will be carried out while maintaining a delicate balance between functionality, quality, performance benchmark and time-to-market.
Phase #3: Product Prototypes
The software prototype is a beta version of the product which has all the major features, although some of them may not be fully finished. Once a product prototype is created clients can compare to see if it meets the defined specifications. It will also allow the software engineers to gain some insights about the accuracy of initial project estimates and whether the milestones and deadlines planned ahead can be successfully achieved.
Phase #4: Product Engineering
The software product engineering stage helps in continually innovating, deploying new products, improving time-to-market skills and maintaining large product portfolios cost-effectively.
Phase #5: Digital Marketing/Product Marketing Strategies
The software product marketing includes complete market research with emphasis on understanding the persona of the consumer. The marketing team performs activities such as product positioning, messaging, competitive differentiation, creating marketing collaterals, and execute go-to-market strategy.
Phase #6: Proof of Valuable Measures
Once a product is launched and product marketing strategies are implemented, the efforts are further measured to check the effectiveness of the software product. This process is carried out using the best practices.
Phase #7: Feature Enhancements
The software products need to continually innovate to maintain a competitive edge in the market. Also, with the changing markets and changing business models, it is important that existing application's feature enhancements are developed rapidly by integrating the latest product features.
Phase #8: Redesigning
The IT industry is evolving faster than any other. Even a recently developed product may require a refresh within a span of months. Even if it fulfills the user's needs now, it may still need to be modernized as per the market trends and client specifications.
Phase #9: Maintenance and Support
Maintenance is necessary to remove errors in the system during its working life and to finetune the system to any variations in its environment. The maintenance and support engineers with extensive experience in corrective, adaptive, perfective and preventive maintenance will deliver a blend of maintenance and support services.

Data and Information Analytics

For corporations, big data is the subject of attention, and to some extent, fear. The sudden rise of big data has left many unprepared. RCKR can help strengthen these organizations by building an Actionable Analytics Engine for them.

As you consider your data and information needs, understanding and defining the right approach for an optimized and integrated strategy that supports the capture, consolidation, management, protection, and presentation of your business analytics information is a key factor for successful outcomes. Our big data and analytics consultants will assess your systems and define the capabilities needed to make this initiative a success. Our portfolio of technologies and partnerships will help you operationalize the data analytics and drive your business forward.

Re-engineering, Porting and Migration

Another class of services we provide within re-engineering services is application porting and migration.

This service includes application porting onto another platform without changing their functionality. After such an update, the application can work seamlessly in the new software environment. Besides porting the applications between relational hardware platforms, the task may include development of the software version for mobile devices and development of cross-platform Java-applications. Our software refresh services have helped to improve the efficiency of many enterprises.

Experienced RCKR engineers always strive for client success in the application re-engineering, porting and migration. We carry out the so called "regeneration" of the software, thus improving its level of quality and efficiency. Since software is a concept that appeared in the last century, a lot of systems based on it have become out of date. Most enterprises do not want to leave the time-tested reliable systems behind. It also requires a huge motivation for change as the business processes and workflow within the organizations could change dramatically. However, the status quo is not always an option as it may impact the bottom line.

Application re-engineering is an effective solution to this problem. The skilled engineers redesign expire ware and separate parts can be reprogrammed completely. The result of re-engineering is an efficient system that has not lost its features but has broadened its capabilities significantly.

Re-engineering is an important part of our service offering. We use different approaches to re-engineering such as application optimization, architectural redesign, feature extensions, conversion of underlying software into new programming tools, and introducing modern means of data storage.

User Experience Management

Get full insights into every customer's digital experience in real time to boost user efficiency with our solutions.
Within the RCKR approach, User Experience Management (UEM) provides deep customer monitoring across all channels.

  • Understand how your applications' performance impacts your business.
  • RCKR user experience management monitors the activity of all your mobile and web application users, across all devices and browsers, analyzing the data in real-time to assess user satisfaction.
  • Identify and resolve technical website issues proactively.
  • Collect real-time data directly from users' desktops to identify exactly where problems lie, so you can determine and implement the most effective solution. Optimize the performance of your software and the people who use it, available for delivery on-premise or cloud.
  • Evaluate user interaction with your business-critical software.
  • Collect usage data to spotlight system and user issues and errors.
  • Provide actionable information with comprehensive reports and alerts.
  • Achieve operational excellence by identifying and removing barriers to optimal system usage.
  • Use data-driven decisions, not just feelings and perceptions, to improve user productivity.

Mobile Application Development

In this day and age, having a mobile app either for its own internal use or for external consumer use is essential for all businesses. We, as a mobile application development company can develop high quality mobile applications on any platform. We can create powerful apps from just a good idea. We have a team of highly skilled mobile app developers that offer end-to-end mobile application development services for all major platforms. Our apps perform highly in customer experience, performance, usability and reliability. Our innovative app developers, analysts and UI/UX designers works together to bring captivating and user-friendly custom mobile apps and games for Start-ups, SMEs and Enterprises. We use Agile methodologies to deliver business driven robust mobile applications. We push the envelope in our effort to set excellent standards for mobile applications and help our customers maximize their market reach and provide a point of differentiation from the competition.

We offer you large list of mobile development services:

iOS Applications

Android Applications

Windows Phone Applications

User Interface Design

Mobile Optimized Websites

User Experience Design

Tablet Optimization

Cross Platform Testing