Lawson Health Research Institute

A mobile app for mental health service users to track their moods and medication as well as communicate with mental health professionals between sessions.

Client Overview

The Lawson Health Research Institute (Lawson) is located in London, Ontario, Canada and is the research institute of London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) and St. Joseph's Health Care, London (St. Joseph's). As one of the largest hospital-based research institutes in Canada, Lawson is committed to furthering scientific knowledge to advance healthcare around the world.


In collaboration with Lawson Health Research Institute and TELUS, 400 participants were identified to participate in the Mental Health Engagement Network (MHEN) project. The project sought to give participants control over their mental health by tracking their moods and medication, as well as provide access to direct communication with their providers outside of their regular sessions.


Get Real Health was engaged to provide a customized version of InstantPHR®, in conjunction with Microsoft, to provide project participants with customized online and mobile tools to track their moods, medication and care plans, and help them monitor their overall progress in other categories such as weight. By utilizing InstantPHR®, the project participants and their providers were able to engage in more productive sessions to evaluate their health and determine the right course of care.


By allowing project participants and their providers the ability to store and access health information, participants were better able to document their health and continue their therapy at home as well as at their fingertips by using the mobile application. The solution also gave providers access to participants' health record, thus giving them insight into their well-being prior to scheduled appointments. Providers could receive alerts when participants documented the same mood in their health tracker three or more times in a row, allowing providers to intervene when necessary outside of regular appointments.


InstantPHR's modular design meant a reduction in development time to initiate the project and provided participants with an easy way to monitor and manage their health.