NYC Health + Hospitals

A patient engagement solution for effective care integration, care coordination, and care management based on individualized and evolving person-centered care plans.

Client Overview

NYC Health + Hospitals, formerly the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC), is an integrated healthcare system of hospitals, neighborhood health centers, long-term care, nursing homes and home care - the public safety net healthcare system of New York City. NYC Health + Hospitals is committed to the health and well-being of all New Yorkers and offers a wide range of high quality and affordable healthcare services to keep patients healthy and to address the needs of New York City's diverse populations.


Get Real Health, in conjunction with Caradigm, was engaged to provide a customized version of InstantPHR's patient, provider and mobile application and implement an integrated Amalga/InstantPHR tool, also using the CHBase data storage platform, enabling NYC Health + Hospitals to provide an effective care plan system throughout various hospitals in NYC.


Get Real Health and Caradigm worked with NYC Health + Hospitals to license and deploy an InstantPHR/Amalga infrastructure care plan platform so NYC Health + Hospitals could ensure it had the most complete, comprehensive information for individuals to whom it provides healthcare and other related services that support effective care integration, care coordination and care management. The integrated web-based, interoperable care plan system provided an evolving person-centered care plan for each enrolled individual. Highlights of the features include the following:

  • A new model allowing providers to tailor healthcare management approaches to unique patient populations
  • A web-based interoperable care plan tool to provide a single evolving patient-centered care plan for each enrolled individual
  • A personal health record repository that put patients in control of their healthcare, while leveraging a mature ecosystem of device manufacturers utilizing HealthVault
  • A rich set of web and mobile user experiences that help consumers manage, understand and act on their personal health information (or that of a family member) in a wide variety of situations, from fitness and wellness to chronic and complex health conditions management


This InstantPHR/Amalga integrated effort offered a new model allowing providers to tailor a healthcare management approach to unique patient populations in this web-based environment, providing for a single evolving patient-centered care plan for each enrolled individual.


This solution raised NYC Health + Hospitals' level of patient care to new heights. This collaborative approach delivered better health outcomes for patients and efficiency within the NYC Health + Hospitals system.