Swedish eHealth Agency

A nationwide citizen health engagement solution that helps Swedish citizens gather their health information, connect wearable devices, and browse available connected apps.

Client Overview

Sweden is considered the European leader in healthcare, and according to the UK's Guardian newspaper, Swedish healthcare is the best in the world. The Swedish eHealth Agency (eHälsomyndigheten) provides nationwide access to health data for the country's 9.6 million citizens.


As healthcare is becoming more digital, the agency is committed to providing a complete patient engagement solution, powered by Get Real Health's InstantPHR® and CHBase™. Swedish citizens will be able to access the portal, called HälsaFörMig, to view, collect and store data in their health record. The citizens will own their account and always remain in control of who is authorized to view information as well as what applications and services can access their account.


The HälsaFörMig project directly contributes to the eHealth Agency's goal of improving healthcare for its citizens by providing a secure, interactive personal health record with tools to increase engagement and empower residents to take greater control of their health.

In addition to providing the patient portal component, the Swedish eHealth Agency will deploy a full ecosystem utilizing Get Real Health's CHBase to leverage and aggregate patient data where third-party application developers can create, develop and connect other systems and applications to the platform.

Before third-party applications are added to the site's app catalogue for citizen use, they must first apply for certification. Once developed and added to the site's app catalogue, citizens can connect their favorite apps and home health devices, creating one true health record to house clinical and personal health data in one secure place.


HälsaFörMig will give Sweden's citizens a secure and interactive platform to gather their health information from multiple parties, apps and devices, supporting greater engagement by individuals in their own personal health development.


This project showcases how InstantPHR and CHBase can work together to provide value to patients and health organizations alike.