Our people differentiate us in the global IT market

Do what you do best and outsource the rest. We not only believe in this we actually practice it to the hilt. Let's face it, we are specialists, and diluting our offering by trying to do everything isn't fair to our clients or ourselves.No matter the size of our business, we rely on proven processes and techniques to ensure that what we create is always of the highest quality.

All of us at RCKR are technical people, we do not have any non-technical staff in our offices. We don't try to create our own products or sell our own ideas. Our single-minded focus is on delivering against our clients' requirements and helping them succeed in their industry and market.

Our CEO is hands-on and often found coding if not playing guitar in his office. He also leads by example in pursuing new horizons of technological excellence. He is researching on neural networks based artificial intelligence systems to help our clients build that capability into their products. it should be noted that back in the first year of the century he developed a PC-to-PC VoIP system to communicate with his parents over a very slow internet connection, that won him awards later.

He once said 'As long you are formal towards work, any informality is acceptable'; that is the culture here at RCKR; for us work is fun and work is peace here.

We have managed to keep our employee retention rate at 98%+ over last 13 years. We are doing everything to better that number. Our human resource policies are made by the employees and are for the employees.

We are a flat organization led by system architects and programmers with over fifteen years of experience in database management, system design, UX development and testing.

We believe in the motto that Fun is Productive. While we code, test, integrate and manage networks locally and remotely in the office and also away from the office; in our free time we are wildlife/street photographers, crazy backpackers, yoga exponents, carpenters, mechanics, avid readers, gardeners, musicians, philosophers, pilgrims, travelers, footballers, shuttlers and cricketers.

Executive Staff

Rajesh C.K.R.

Rajesh C.K.R. is a seasoned programmer consistently ahead of the curve with cutting edge technology. His company, RCKR Software has seen significant growth branching out to two locations in India. Not only is he responsible for all employee hiring and training, Rajesh also keeps a keen eye on resources allocation and strategic growth planning to ensure clients and projects are tended to in a timely manner.

He is been widely recognized for innovation in Health IT software development, particularly with Microsoft HealthVault. As the developer of HealthVault X-ray, a tool used daily by the HealthVault development team, Rajesh was the recipient of the first Microsoft MVP award for his work on the HealthVault ecosystem.

Rajesh has received awards and recognition from IEEE for his technical seminars and has published numerous articles on C programming.

Imtiyaz K

Vice President

Mahesh V S

Solution Architect - Client Projects

Pradeesh Prakash

Solution Architect - Products

Mileesh M S

Creative Director