InstantPHR® Platform

Get Real Health’s InstantPHR is an award-wining patient engagement platform that not only engages, but empowers patients with tools to be an active part of their care team. InstantPHR is an untethered personal health record (PHR) that offers bidirectional data sharing.


CHBase is a data aggregation and application development platform built to maximize the value of data. The platform allows patients to contribute data from their favorite apps and home health devices while retrieving clinical data from providers. This data can be pulled into patient-oriented health applications or population health management and customer analytics systems. Further capabilities allow innovators to create, develop and connect other systems and applications through the CHBase APIs.


MyStockFund is a low cost fractional share, dollar based, saving and investing service enabling an automatic dollar cost averaging investment strategy for stocks and ETFs.  We not only built the web site, but also built the backend applications using Microsoft.Net technologies which enables the user to buy and sell stocks in real time, scheduled buys, ACH integration to bank etc.


LiveHealthier provides award-winning corporate health, wellness and health promotion solutions, offering web-based programs and unlimited 24/7 access to a team of health coaches via email, live chat, webinar, videoconference and in-person consultations. LiveHealthier leverages its proprietary platform, which we built for them, to deliver highly customized health portals to employer groups. Clients range from a multinational corporation to a regional construction company.


American Diabetes Association

A consumer-friendly, diabetes-centric personal health record that allows patients and consumers to track their health information and share it with family members.


An EMR-agnostic patient engagement platform with comprehensive built-in capabilities that also enables the in-hospital development of custom components such as appointment scheduling.

University Hosptial Southampton NHS

University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

A solution to improve patient-to-provider communications while reducing readmission rates by helping individuals and families manage their health at home.

NYC Health+Hospitals

A patient engagement solution for effective care integration, care coordination, and care management based on individualized and evolving person-centered care plans.

NYC Health andn Hosptials
Immune Deficiency Foundation

Immune Deficiency Foundation

A system that allows individuals to self-manage extremely complex conditions and, with appropriate consent, share ground-breaking research data with a national registry.

MedStar National Rehabilitation Network

A highly-accessible solution that enables individuals with spinal cord injuries and limited hand function to engage with healthcare providers and reduce the frequency of in-office visits.

Med Star Health

Swedish eHealth Agency

A nationwide citizen health engagement solution that helps Swedish citizens gather their health information, connect wearable devices, and browse available connected apps.


A unified, EMR-agnostic patient portal solution to improve patient satisfaction while making it easier for HIE members to meet Meaningful Use requirements.

St. Luke's University Health Network

St. Luke's University Health Network

Providing numerous HIE-connected hospitals a more comprehensive patient portal solution, offloading Meaningful Use requirements from individual facilities.